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Solution for India’s healthcare

Across the world, healthcare facilities focus on the disease and not the patient. Think about it — hospitals and healthcare centers are designed and organized in a way that is optimized to handle a certain type of disease rather than providing a frictionless experience to the patient. Given that patients visit hospitals only when in dire need of help, the hospitals and healthcare centers have no incentive to improve patient experience and they continue to lack empathy. So across the world healthcare has an inherent problem of lack of design thinking which will move people towards health seeking behaviour. …

Aaspatal Micro Clinic in Village of Rajasthan

The second wave of Covid is ravaging India, especially the urban cities. Apart from being deadlier another distinct feature of the second wave has been — it is spreading to the rural parts of India as well. During the first wave, people in rural parts used to ask us ‘if it is true or a myth’. However this time it’s very different and people are getting affected in every village we are working in. It is heartening to see every group on social media turning into a support group for Covid and collectively working to get us through such unprecedented…


We are building end to end solution for “delivery of primary helathcare to the next billion using mobile and IoT tech”

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